JAVOedge Indented JAVOSkin for iPhone 3G Review

The idea to envelop a device be it your iPod or iPhone in a rubber case, on the back and sides with the screen protected by a thin film has been embraced by most. This trend has only been accelerated with the coming of the iPhone 3G. Largely, silicone cases tend to similar to each other differing in only the way the rubber is molded, amount of rubber employed to cover the iPhone 3G and the cost of the finished product.

The present JAVOedge’s Indented JAVASkin which costs $20 comes with visible improvements to the last year’s version. The most apparent is the price which is a few dollars less and now at par with other similar rubber cases. A rather pleasing change is the complete removal of the generic aesthetics and undoubtedly hideous molding. This has been replaced by a clean, black or white design. The case’s back has a series of horizontal bar grooves and the holes have been cut-to precision for the iPhone 3G’s features and controls. The grooves however have an irritating tendency to pick up dust.

The sort of protection this case gives is at the most average. The holes are there to facilitate the ringer switch, headphone port, bottom speaker, bottom microphone, camera, Dock Connector port, volume buttons and the Sleep/Wake button. The downside is the complete lack of cover for the face, including the Home button (except for the chrome bezel). You need to shell out additional money for a screen protector which is completely unreasonable as other companies like Incipio include it in the same price.

Although it lacks adequate protection for your iPhone 3G, this is an option only to be considered if you like the rear styling and design.

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