iSkin Fuze for iPhone Review: Stylish Protection!

The Toronto-based iSkin for years shown great innovation for years when it comes to designing iPod protection. Experimenting with mixtures of hard and soft plastic, it has given us a variety of options such as the eVo2, eVo3 and Claro. Its latest offering is Fuze for the iPhone, which integrates thin rubber layers onto separate rear and front shells. 

 The Fuze even though somewhat late in arriving, is undoubtedly iSkin’s most remarkable dual-material case yet. The case has a thick polycarbonate plastic layer on the outside with a thin soft rubber layer on the inside. The look is enhanced by the soft two-tone coloring and rubber accents. As seen from the outside, it is clear, black and silver while the rear is wholly black and interlocks together at the top and sides.

The iPhone’s bottom has a hole in place for it while a soft rubber tab can be plugged in to the device’s Dock connector. The screen and ear speaker are left exposed as the front of the case has a complete rubber Home button cover. The Sleep/Wake and Volume buttons are covered with flexible hard plastic. Also included is a clear screen protector.

 The look of the Fuze can be best described as ‘cool’ with it’s coloring inspired from iPhone and the soft touch rubber that has been used in its exterior and interior coating. So it’s great to look at and good to hold.

 This $40 accessory adds elegance to your iPhone and is a must for fashion-savvy users.


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