Incipio Lloyd Adapter Review

Nowadays iPhone and iPod accessory prices has hit the roof. This has become so evident that the problem has been even acknowledged by Apple. Add on microphones are an example of this. Stereo only mics appeared on the iPod scene two years ago starting at 50 dollars. Now monaural mic equipped earphones are available for just $29. Inpicio retails a dedicated microphone add on for just $18 now.

 This Lloyd microphone add on is good in almost every department. It is designed for the fourth generation iPod Nano. Once plugged in, it fits well with the Nano and lets you hear clearly from any pair of headphones. Lloyd sounds really fantastic. It sounds better than the original from apple actually.

LLoyd is not only inexpensive, but it is also a really good quality accessory. In addition it works functionally with the Touch and Classic iPod models also. I could easily recommend this great product to you. If what you need is a monaural microphone for a 4G iPod Nano, then this is the automatic choice.  Affordability and great quality make it instantly recommendable.

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