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The iP9 for the iPhone and iPod cost $100. It is slightly different from the iH9. The iP9 has less bass and more treble. But they are mostly the same. The iP9 is about as good as the iP99 soundwise though it costs less. The sound difference is mostly imperceptible.

The iP9 works with the iPhone as well. The iP9’s power brick is small in size and wieght. The iP9 screen is bright and good. The other features are like the iH9. You get the iP9 in silver and black.
The only issue is that the volume and settings dials plug up with dust as time passes. As a result, the usability decreases. There needs to be a redesign of the rotating mechanisms around the grooves.

Although the iP9 seems to be a modest refit of the iH9, the body styling is good and the price tag is good compared to the sound. For iPhone 3G users it makes a great alarm clock, perhaps the best.

If you want only sound quality then perhaps a clockless dedicated speaker system is more your requirement. For putting alongside your bed, this makes a great system.

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