Griffin Clarifi Case with Built in Close Up Lens for iPhone 3G Review

Griffins Clarifi case costs $35 but provides great value for the price. The design seems inspired by Slider. It works with every accessory without removing it from the case. Also included is a full screen protector and cleaning cloth. This case offers great protection and we can see that a lot of though went into its making.

One feature of the Clarifi makes it completely different. It has a sliding macro lens that can help the camera take clear close up pics. The color rendition is not magically enhanced but the ability of the device to focus on nearby objects is. There is definitely finer detail in the pic.
Close shots are a speciality of this lens – at a distance of six to ten inches. This plastic case has fantastic design as well as great protection for your iPhone 3G. Clarifi has made a strong effort to please the customer and in our opinion, it succeeds. If you are making a list of potential cases for your iPhone, this one should be near the top of that list.

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