DLO VentMounts for iPod touch + iPhone: New Solutions!

Carrying your iPod or iPhone with you in your car can be a hazardous experience for your iPod or iPhone if they are not safely installed. In recent times, the markets have been flooded with inexpensive, technically sound car mounts. The DLO VentMounts are different in their approach to this challenge and are amazingly effective at that.

 Priced at $25 each, DLO’s VentMounts for the iPod touch and iPhone are available in separate versions. But they consist of the same parts: 2 detachable clips, a holster and combination belt clips and also a mounting bracket which is attached to the holster and clip. In order to keep your iPod touch or iPhone at your eye level, the VentMounts are specifically designed to be mounted on the air conditioning vents in your car. The mount is built so that you can rotate it horizontally or vertically as per your desire. When leaving the car, you can detach the VentMount and wear it on your belt. Very handy!

Keeping it light, the VentMounts have been made with hard plastic while the holster even has a rubber anti-scuff pad inside.

 On the downside, these VentMounts still don’t answer the question as to whether using such an equipment can lead to building up of condensation on your iPhone or iPod. Also, the DLO is not compatible with all types of car vents. Once installed, it proves quite cumbersome to detach them .But the VentMounts are stable enough in that they do not fall of in case the car jerks or shakes too much.

The DLO VentMounts are great solutions to the problem of carrying your iPod touch or iPhone around safely. A must buy for people who run their office even while driving!



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