Case Mate Vroom Case Review

The iPhone 3G has been out for a couple of months. A number of accessories have appeared on the scene to accessorize this iPhone. If you want to encase your iPhone 3G, and that too without spending too much, consider the Vroom Case from Case Mate. It costs just $15. This rubber case will remind you of your car tires and is probably one you would like to take your iPhone on the road with as well.


This case has treads on the bottom, with a hole for the 3G’s camera. The bottom hole is nicely proportioned and there are small ones on the top and side as well. There is protection for the volume as well as Sleep/Wake buttons. The negative part about this phone is that dust gets attracted to it easily. The chrome bezel of the 3G lies exposed


Included in the package are a clear screen protector, cleaning cloth and application squeegee. Vroom covers up the 3G pretty well. Only issue is that apple plugs may have problems fitting inside the headphone port. This case is great value for money and for the price is pretty good. Apart from the headphone port access issue, this is the best case of it’s kind around.

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