Belkin Tunebase Direct Review

The process of iPod to car integration has traditionally taken atleast 2 steps. This is due to software restrictions of Apple. Getting the music to play is one issue but to attend to phone calls in the middle of a drive is a completely different problem. It is simple to plug in the Dock Connection Accessory to the car stereo. FOr phone calls using the iPhones Bluetooth or headphone port is required.

The Tunebase Direct costing $70 changes much of this problem. Not only does this accessory work with the iPhone, it also works with current generation iPod Nano and Touch models. This accessory is made, so that you can hear both your music and your phone through the car speakers, the Tunebase Direct mic picks up your voice.

The design of the Belkin Tunebase is well done. The iPhone and iPod mounting dock has been reconceived, now the user experience is simplified and the dock is more versatile. There is also a spare USB port that lets you recharge 2 iPods/iPhones at one time. You can hear the callers voice distinctly using the car speaker system.

There are a few problems with this system as well. This microphone is near your waist and the callers sound distant and there is interference. The audio is not completely clean either. The all in one design called for sonic sacrifices and they were made. This system cannot be highly recommended, however if you can make compromises to achieve iPhone car integration, you may want to check it out. Maybe wait for superior sequels to the Tunebase Direct if you so wish.

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