Belkin F8Z901 TuneStage for iPods

The cost of the Belkin Tunestage was something that almost prevented me from buying it. $148.33 is by no means trivial. This, by the way, is the fifth Bluetooth accessory released for the iPod.

The transmitter is silver and white and the reciever matches the Mac mini while the transmitter matches the iPod mini. With the help of the tunestage, your iPod turns into a remote control that works with every stereo speaker system and broadcasts audio to a range of upto 33 feet.

The transmitter is made for the iPod mini as per it’s size and design. On the other hand, it also looks nice with a full size iPod. Its bottom is well protected by a plastic cap. The audio quality of the TuneStage is good once it connects. There was no radio interference.

The Tunestage worked to the edge of 33 feet and that was pretty impressive. Both A2DP and AVRCP bluetooth profiles are supported by the TuneStage.

For the great looks, easy usage and range of the TuneStage, I would recommend it. It tops my list of great Bluetooth wireless performance. It is a little steep, but in my opinion, well worth every penny.

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