Applesauce Products Scratch Removal Kit Review

If you have scratched your iPod then maybe you should check out the scratch removal kit from Applesauce Products. This kit combines two creams and three polishing cloths. Most of the shine of a scratched iPod can be restored with this kit, but not all. It is easy to use and reasonably priced at $20. This product couldn’t have come at a better time with so many complaints of iPods with scratches. With this happening to iPods, getting a scatch removal kit should be top priority.

You can get rid of the worst gouge like scratches. It does a reasonably good job at this. It also restores the gloss. The kind of results you get depend largely on the effort and pressure you are willing to put in. If the scratches are very significant then they require more time.


However the mirror like finish of the iPod, straight out from the store does not come back. They do look a lot better though. Let us note that there is perhaps no solution that can perfectly fix a scratched up rear iPod casing. There is a great deal of explanation on the company website if you care to look. Although Applesauce Polish is not the perfect solution it does make your iPod look better. Incidentally we are still on the lookout for that perfect solution.

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