Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth is one of the great mobile phone related technologies around today. When you own a Bluetooth headset, what you have is a combination of microphone, speaker and battery in your ear. The set is light and comfortable. Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth Headset costs $120 and is really sleek.

The technology is great and the design is new – it makes you look good. You can choose your colors between silver, black and red. There is a choice of ear mounts and earbuds. You also get a wall charger that lets you charge the Jawbone for six hours of talk time.
Jawbone has innovative design and technology. The fact that it just uses two buttons and not four makes the Jawbone pleasingly minimalistic. Jawbone is very good at screening out noise. Many noise reducing earphones screen out only a portion of the various interfering sounds but Jawbone does a very good job at letting you hear the conversation at the other end.

You can hear callers even when the environment is noisy and the pairing with the phone is usually smooth and consistent. The only issue is the fit and if the fit was better this earphone would be perfect. Great technology hampered by a bad fit is what the Jawbone is.

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