AAXA P1 Pico Projector For iPod and iPhone Review

Many practical considerations add to the utility and appeal of the P1 Pico Projector. This baby costs $239, who should buy it and why is discussed here. About the size of an iPod and twice as thick, there is a lot to speak of in this little device. There is a speaker, lithium ion rechargeable battery pack, and LED light and a LCOS Imager.

You can use this to create a relatively large video wall wherever you are. This is not the norm, so much so that it is appealing. So conceptually you can use this device to watch moveis and TV on a large dispaly and present photo-galleries on the road. All that is needed is a flat surface and a dark room.

 This one is one of the few iPod and iPhone mini projectors out there. The resolution is 640 by 480. The images -still and moving will be well defined and the sizes will be larger than any devices out there currently. There are issues about this that should be known.

The video imager works great when the room is completely dark but add a little light and the images are ghostlike. When there is moderate lighting, this device is unusable. The maximum volume level of the speaker is lower than the iPhone’s. A lot of battery energy is when playing back videos. You probably have only an hour of battery use when playing videos.

This gadget works if you want dark room viewing for a short duration.

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